Petroglyph Development Group of Companies

As a group of companies, Petroglyph Development Group oversees the management of multiple subsidiaries. Beginning with PDG, Petroglyph Forestry and Petroglyph Properties, the group of companies has grown to include additional subsidiaries over the past four years. Unlocking the Snuneymuxw economic potential is an exciting journey to realizing diverse and unique business opportunities.

  • Petroglyph Development Group

    Petroglyph Development Group is the master company managing the subsidiaries listed below. The subsidiaries are comprised of diverse corporate operations in the areas of forestry, land management and development, park and tourism, marine transportation and fuel service. New business opportunities are continuously in development.

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  • Petroglyph Forestry

    Petroglyph Forestry is the forestry arm of Petroglyph Development Group. Our manager and staff oversee approximately 2100 acres of Mt. Benson land and 64+ acres of Yellow Point land. Operations include harvesting, silviculture, firewood, fire suppression, land management, a general labour crew, and other operations.

    The firewood business produces pre-packaged firewood bundles for purchase by consumers and offered wholesale to interested vendors. The firewood business provides Petroglyph Forestry the ability to implement the Elders Firewood Program and deliver firewood to Snuneymuxw elders so that they stay warm through the winter months.

    • Nanaimo, BC, V9R 4Z4

  • Saysutshun / Newcastle Island

    Saysutshun is a sacred village site and home of the Snuneymuxw people. It carries great significance spiritually as a place of transformation, healing, and preparation.

    The natural beauty of the island makes it a highly appealing destination. We want to bring Saysutshun back into the daily lives of the people of Nanaimo, share the history and culture of the island, and educate the public about Snuneymuxw traditional ways of life and worldview. Saysutshun offers tourism products such as an Interpretive Walking Tour and Traditional Salmon BBQ. You can embark on an easy nature walk to learn about Snuneymuxw traditions and medicines while observing historical and sacred sites. Participate in a Traditional Salmon BBQ with a Snuneymuxw chef who will use Snuneymuxw culinary practices to traditionally cook sockeye salmon at the BBQ fire pit.

    As well, our contract with BC Parks to manage Saysutshun (Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park) park services and offer camping, boating, 22 km of outdoor trails, beaches and tidal pools, playgrounds, and much more! You can use park space or the pavilion hall to host a special event, and even get Saysutshun to cater your event, or visit the Saysutshun concession to enjoy indigenous and grab’n’go food and beverages.

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  • Snuneymuxw Market Gas Bar

    Petroglyph Development Group has announced that we will operate a fuel service station and convenience store on Snuneymuxw Territory. It will be installed on the Snuneymuxw IR No. 4 reserve located in Cedar.

    The Snuneymuxw community identified this as a priority a few decades ago and the Snuneymuxw Government inserted this project in the PDG corporate strategic plan as a priority. The gas bar will contribute to reducing the cost of living for Snuneymuxw citizens while offering loyalty programs to all customers.

    • 1449 MacMillan Rd
    • Nanaimo, BC

  • Coast Salish Canna

    Coast Salish Canna store located at 1449 Macmillan Road is our first cannabis retail outlet and our newest economic development venture. The retail store sells a gamut of cannabis related products and is a thriving source of attraction for the community and is another enterprise in ongoing efforts to achieve self-sufficiency & provide employment for the people.

  • Duke Point Transload Ltd.

    Duke Point Transload offers a new option for companies exporting from Vancouver Island to offshore markets. They deliver sea containers to Vancouver Island for your loading. They provide all documentation and logistics required to get your product to your offshore customer’s door. They deliver the container to your door. Their service will reduce the amount of handling required on your product by allowing you to load the container yourself without cross docking in Vancouver.

  • Courtyard by Marriott

    Courtyard By Marriott is the most recent economic partnership between the Marriott Hotel chain & PDG. This ownership brings in new employment opportunities to the Snuneymuxw community & expands our business in the hospitality industry.  

  • Miller’s Pub

    Miller’s Pub is a waterfront pub & restaurant located in Nanaimo, owned & managed by PDG. The pub is a big attraction for food & weekly events and its location at the sprawling waterfront makes it even more of an attraction. The pub offers a wide food & beverage menu and hosts private events as well.

  • Tuytaxun General Store Ltd.

    Tuytaxun General Store Ltd. is the neighborhood convenience store located at 1145 Totem St. The store is a licensed tobacco retail store generating business profit & employment for the community.

    • 1145 Totem St
    • Nanaimo, BC V9R 1H1

  • Big Island Seafood

    In the summer of 2022, our newly formed subsidiary Big Island Seafood launched the initial stages of its operation with assessments of the shellfish tenures and the exploration of the dynamics of the habitat to determine the best practices for our beaches, habitat, and ecosystem. While this business is currently in the growth and development stage, we aim to further improve and grow this business for the spring of 2023 and expand our infrastructure so that our nation can harvest, distribute, and make use of the Salish Sea’s bountiful marine resources which are at the heart of Snuneymuxw’s culture.


    • 668B centre street
    • Nanaimo V9R 4Z4

  • Petroglyph Properties

    Petroglyph Properties is the land holding arm of Petroglyph Development Group. Petroglyph Properties currently owns and manages properties with the aim to implement current management practices in tune with our traditional wisdom to better our ancestral territories.