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Petroglyph Development Group Unveils Bold New Logo

Petroglyph Development Group Unveils Bold New Logo

Huy ch qu siem to Noel Brown Native Art for designing our new logo for us. We are very happy to have one of our Snuneymuxw artists representing our Coast Salish company with Coast Salish art.

The eagle in the centre of the logo represents strength and success for our nation in the business and economic development work that we do, and the four salmon swimming along the outer ring represent the four seasons and the relationship that we have with our territory. The eagle and the salmon's relationship is sacred, it is more complex in our teachings than simply that between a predator and prey. It is a relationship built upon trust and respect. The salmon happily provide for the eagle, and the eagle honours the salmon by taking only what it needs to support itself.

This is how our relationship with our territory must be, built upon mutual respect and trust. When we take from our natural resources, we take only what we need, and we ensure that we are giving back. By upholding and respecting our territory, it shall continue to uphold and support us and our future generations; as it always has and always will.

We at PDG strive to bring these teachings into our business model and ensure that when we do our work, it is in consideration of our traditional territory and our future generations