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PDG x Nanaimo Supply Co. Collaboration

PDG x Nanaimo Supply Co. Collaboration

PDG x Nanaimo Supply Co. collaboration merch is now live on the Nanaimo Supply Co. website!


We are excited to announce a collaboration between Petroglyph Development Group (PDG) and Nanaimo Supply Co. to release a limited line of Snuneymuxw branded apparel. All proceeds from this collaboration will go towards the installation of a traditional Coast Salish welcome figure to welcome guests to Snuneymuxw territory for Tribal Journeys 2020.

PDG x Nanaimo Supply Co. is a collaboration that seeks to recontextualize space in Snuneymuxw territory and bring our community together. Nanaimo is Snuneymuxw, and this logo expresses defiance towards our city’s colonial past, providing what we hope can be a rallying point to celebrate what is beautiful about our shared history.

PDG is the economic development arm of the Snuneymuxw First Nation. Our group of companies includes Saysutshun (Newcastle Island), Petroglyph Forestry, Petroglyph Properties, and more to come. We work to realize the economic potential of Snuneymuxw and bring forth our Snuw’uyulth, our traditional teachings passed down from our ancestors, into the business realm.

Nanaimo Supply Co. is a line of branded apparel that seeks to inspire people to take pride in their city. It was founded in the Fall of 2018 by local graphic designer Cory Landels. A launch event at White Rabbit Coffee Co. in May, as well as a weekly spot at the Commercial Street Night Market helped spread the word about the company's mission to represent opposition to a negative way of thinking of Nanaimo. "Nanaimo Supply is about celebrating the things that make our city great" Landels says, "but it also recognizes the potential we have to lead the charge and make positive changes in our community."

“This project is about recontextualizing space in Snuneymuxw and creating something to rally around as members of our community. Our culture is rich and beautiful; it is something to be proud of. Bringing it back to the surface and ensuring that proper, meaningful recognition and representation is taking place is very important to us. Doing so holds up our traditions and teachings so that they’re not only preserved for future generations but also continue to grow and evolve with us,” White-Hill, Project Coordinator with PDG, says. “What is so exciting about this project is its capacity to bring our community together and acknowledge the effort that has been made toward advancing reconciliation, while at the same time being aware of how much work still needs to be done and rallying together to push forward even more.”

Apparel from the collaboration will be available online through Nanaimo Supply Co.’s website: nanaimosupply.com starting October 27th, 2019. For more information please contact Eliot White-Hill at coordinator@petroglyphdg.com or the PDG office phone (250) 741-0158 or visit the Nanaimo Supply Co. Instagram page: Instagram.com/nanaimosupply